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Ya,ya,this is the bomb...I only do pills that I know the thrills....

Kinda useless

Not too practical. If you enter, for example, blue and oval, you get a simple list of dozens of meds. You then have to "tap" each one to see the picture to find out if thats yours.

Ok, but....

Easy to use but missing a lot of drug data. Could not ID U 172 as memantine.

Drugs.com app

I love this app, I have it on my Samsung tablet and have used on other p/cs but I have found that on my iPhone it works great. So quick and easy. Thank you !


I used this app a few times over many years. It has given correct answers most of the time.

Pill ID is quick way to learn, and to know.

Quite useful, to be sure. When Im keen to know what my bloody child, girl, mum or pop has taken, heres my go-to guide. Thanks for the app! N.I.

Does not recognize any medication

It does not recognize any medication It is a joke

Pill ID

As a cop, this app is one essential tool for the job.

It Does Work

Entered 3 different pills. Tried shape color imprint. Went back and tried again it does work. Entered by name.

Like It!

Found a stray pill under chair today, put the name & number in and it was identified immediately.

Great app, well worth the money.

I have used this program on the website a thousand times & it hasnt steered me wrong yet. I never pay for apps, but I love this one! Easy to use, no quirks or problems, and well worth the money. Highly recommended.


Great app to have if your in health care or to just have the INFO at your fingertips

Very Handy

This is a very useful app. I especially like the drug info and reviews. Its helpful to read about new meds that my doctor gives me so I know what to expect.

Super App

This is a great app for looking up your medication and the side effects. Its very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone!! Thanks


The best app on my phone! PDR right in your hand! Awesome!

This is the best pill identifier app. Ive ever used!

I will recommend it to everyone I know. It is so difficult to keep up with all the changes in medications today, ESP with the generic as well as brand names. Thank you very much for great information. I give it 5 stars!


This app has been useful


Its very helpful but could use lil more info

A MUST for any healthcare professional!

I am a Registered Nurse working in acute care settings/ICU. I use this app weekly, if not daily. For certain I pull it up at least once a shift. I love it! And... Its accurate. Fully recommend -- a "must have" for any RN.

Best app for looking up/Info of meds!!!!

Ive got to say this is the best application for looking up on medications in general its Great on giving you information on all meds!!! Maybe you found a pill and you dont know what it is type in the numbers and letters and whatnot and it will tell you what exactly that pill is. or the medications you are currently taking great on giving you information on what generic manufacturers are making your medications so if you have issues with taking certain generics like I do its a great application to have to give you information on generally everything about medications its a must-have app if you are taking any medication it will give you all the information you need interactions with the Meds, FDA information, Classification of the medication and so on.

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